Baby Preparation Consultations

Baby preparation consultations are tailored to you so you can focus on being well-informed and better prepared for life with your new baby.

baby preparation consultations

New Baby Preparation

To be better prepared for the reality of life your new baby, these consultations will focus on:

  • the early days and weeks with your baby
  • your recovery
  • looking after yourself
  • newborn baby behaviour
  • being a new parent
  • feeding – breast, bottle & combination
  • safe sleep
  • practical babycare
  • common challenges

There are two in-person or video consultations and you will also be able to access online resources.

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birth consultations

Consultations for 2nd-time parents

These consultations give you a combination of birth debrief, a focus on any concerns about birth or having a new baby and discussing specific options & strategies.

So you will be better prepared with refreshed birth or baby knowledge.

  • Three in-person or video consultations
  • Includes access to birth preparation resources.
  • Ideal for all second-time parents.
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baby preparation consultations

A few words about why I offer baby preparation consultations…

When you are pregnant, so much of the focus is on birth preparation but it can be just as important to prepare for life with your new baby.

As a specialist in antenatal and postnatal consultations, these sessions have been designed to give you the time to ask questions and to focus on your individual need for information and reassurance.

Having a baby and becoming parents is very personal and it makes a difference to have personalised sessions that are tailored to you.

Please feel free to message me here with any queries.

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My face-to-face sessions are ideal for parents across Newcastle & Tyneside. With video sessions, I work with parents from across the UK as well as internationally.
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