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Having worked with parents since 2002, I have specialised in 1:1 consultations since 2015. It makes such a difference to have individual sessions, which can give you ongoing care and attention.

Antenatal and postnatal consultations are personalised sessions so you can ask questions and gather information, practical tools, confidence and reassurance.

Tailored to you, consultations can focus on:

Your pregnancy

For ongoing support and additional conversations about your antenatal care and plans for birth. Find out more.

Effective birth & baby preparation

For knowledge, to explore your options, to help you plan, to give you confidence and to answer your questions. Find out more.

Birth & baby debrief

To talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby, as well as the first few days and weeks. It can help to talk about what you experienced and how you feel. Find out more.

You & your new baby

So you can adjust and find your feet, to discuss your recovery and what can make a difference during the early days and weeks. Find out more.

Postnatal issues & being a parent

For ongoing information, support and reassurance throughout your baby’s first year. We can talk through issues such as feeding, sleep, growth spurts, weaning, going back to work as well as being a parent. Find out more.

You, the person behind the parent

For ongoing support beyond the postnatal period so you can talk through the issues affecting you as your children get older and the challenges change. Find out more.

Your appointment will be professional, confidential, welcoming and informal so you can learn, share, talk and ask questions.

My face-to-face consultations are ideal for parents across Newcastle & Tyneside. With Zoom sessions, I can work with parents and families everywhere.

After our conversation you will also receive relevant session notes, resources and follow-up emails.

Arranging your sessions

You can book one 90-minute session or arrange a series of three sessions with me.

To organise your sessions, which can work around your schedule, you can simply message me below and tell me more about what you need.

Janine is calm and reassuring and nothing is too silly to ask.”

“You helped us to consider different options and to say what we needed, It made a huge difference.”

“As always the session was really useful and we were reassured to hear that we’re on the right tracks.”

“Janine has been an absolute saving grace for me in navigating the challenges of motherhood during lockdown. I would recommend her to everyone.”

“As first-time dad, I have been feeling nervous – thank you for answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease. I could have chatted to you all day!”

Pregnancy, birth and being a parent are very personal so it feels important to provide personalised sessions that are tailored to you. Individual sessions give you the time to ask questions and focus on what your need.

With a calm, knowledgeable approach, my role is to provide you with information you can trust – based on evidence and experience – with ongoing support and reassurance.

I am here to boost your confidence, to provide an experienced perspective and to help you develop effective coping strategies and plans for you, your birth and your family.

Working with parents since 2002

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My face-to-face consultations are ideal for parents across Newcastle & Tyneside. With Zoom sessions, I work with parents and families everywhere.
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