What have the biggest challenges been for you as a mum?

The Being Mum project is about capturing the reality of life for mums after pregnancy, birth and with a baby.

Breastfeeding – I had to combi feed because I couldn’t produce enough milk

The loneliness of motherhood is crippling when you feel so vulnerable

Just how hard I found pregnancy

Sleep deprivation

Baby illness

Feeding and the impact this can have on relationships with other people

Loss of identity

Letting other people be involved

Not being able to do everything I used to do

The impact on my relationship and the strain it has put on us

Coping with an unsettled baby

My partner’s anxieties around parenting and parenting style

The work/life balance

Overcoming a non-typical child

Lacking confidence in my being a parent and trusting my ability to do it well

My dad died unexpectedly three days before I was being induced – navigating grief while learning to be a mam was the most challenging experience for me

Injury, illness, allergies, long term ongoing conditions

Letting go of control, balancing my needs and dealing with maternal rage

Childcare, moving house in a new area, being pregnant and looking after a toddler

My own mental health

How my relationship with my partner has changed and become more challenging

Struggling with my identity

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to get it right

Lack of sleep

Disagreements with grandparents

I suffered awful postnatal depression with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, fear and times where I just wanted to run away

Loneliness, friendships have always been an issue for me so I never found my ‘tribe’ on maternity leave

Being Mum is about giving you a voice and a place to read other women’s experiences to normalise motherhood and to ease the isolation.

It’s also about starting a conversation about motherhood, about how individual it is and the impact it can have.

Please do read, share and take part.

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