The Being Mum Project

With this project I want to focus on the reality of life for mums after pregnancy, birth and with a baby, to collect and share some of the untold stories of being mum.

After working with, listening to and learning from so many mums over the last 20 years, I know how varied life can be – with some common themes and unique experiences.

There are great moments and tough days, there are intense emotions and it can feel overwhelming. Being a mum can be brilliant and demanding and it changes us.

By collecting as many stories as I can to, the project aims to:

  • give you a voice, so you can anonymously share your experiences
  • create an interactive space for mums to read other experiences and to share their own
  • provide a greater understanding of what being as mum feels like
  • ease the isolation of being a mum
  • start a conversation about motherhood, about how individual it is and the impact it can have

It’s a really personal time and I want to create something to reassure and normalise life being mum.

To take part, you can message me using the form below, answering as many questions as you can. Your stories will be kept anonymous so you can talk freely about your reality of being a mum.

It would be so helpful if you could share this post with other mums. And thank you so much!

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