What have you learned about you since becoming a parent?

The Being Mum project is about capturing the reality of life for mums after pregnancy, birth and with a baby.

That I’m okay and that life is really good – I don’t need to worry about the past and can focus on the future

I can get through anything for my children but don’t expect me to always be pleasant about it

That I’m not as mentally strong as I thought I was

I find parenting incredibly tiring but I have discovered that I am made to be a mam to my daughter. I’ve never enjoyed something so much in my life

My life is so much more important now

Trusting my instincts is important

That I can adapt to change!

What is actually important

How my childhood impacted me, how to be patient, how to control my anger

That I can be patient and how important that is

I am so much more resilient than I thought I was

I am stronger and more capable than I thought possible

I will do anything to protect my children

I’m even more stubborn and determined than I thought

I feel like I was born to be a mum

I can say no to others and put boundaries in place to protect my own mental health and the wellbeing of my family

Being Mum is about giving you a voice and a place to read other women’s experiences to normalise motherhood and to ease the isolation.

It’s also about starting a conversation about motherhood, about how individual it is and the impact it can have.

Please do read, share and take part.

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