How to prepare for birth

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When you prepare for birth, it can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming – some expectant parents do every class and read every book, while others don’t think about it.

In the 20 years as a practitioner, I have helped to prepare hundreds of expectant parents for labour and birth and I have also attended many births. I have a personalised approach to birth – how do you feel about it and what do you need to know? I’m all about a good conversation, so I can ask you questions and answer yours.

  • know how to use your breathing – so many benefits but, ultimately, it’s what is going to keep you calm
  • consider all births, not just your ideal birth – it’s not fixed so you have more control if you know more
  • know where they challenges might be and how you could manage them
  • be honest with yourself about any fears or worries – otherwise you might carry these concerns into labour with you, which can affect how it unfolds
  • don’t just go with the flow – this doesn’t give you any power
  • know how birth works – this underpins everything because it helps to understand what your body is doing
  • know what can help labour to work and what can get in the way – this means you can develop strategies
  • a flexible approach makes a difference – try not to be fixed on birth being one way
  • mindset is everything – are you scared? are you expecting it to be a breeze? do you feel unprepared or confused?

My experience and knowledge means that I have developed a practice that goes beyond information – anyone can give you that – it’s about being at the centre of your care so you have knowledge and skills for strategies, options, assertiveness and empowerment.

I work with all parents – first, second & third time parents; women who are being induced; women who are booked for a caesarean; parents who have experienced loss; women who are classed as high-risk; women who want no drugs and women who want them all!

If you have the tools, the confidence and the support to do birth, you can have more of a say and go into it with more realistic expectations so you can adapt if you need to.

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How can I help you to prepare for birth?

Antenatal Course – a comprehensive course which looks at labour, birth and the early days/weeks with your baby. It also includes the relax & breathe course. You can do this on your own or you can add sessions with me.

Relax & Breathe Course – this provides robust skills for your pregnancy, birth and life as a parent. You can do this on your own or you can add sessions with me.

Birth Guides – these focus on individual topics such as being induced, using a birth pool. You can do this on your own or you can add sessions with me.

Consultations – you can book these to work around your schedule and to focus on your individual preparation for birth and baby.

And if you’re just not sure, let’s have a chat – just send me a message below.

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